Why Portal like Floripa?

Like Floripa. Many people ask us why this name is so different and unusual.

The truth is that most of us associate the English word “like” with the verb gustar and that is not wrong,

However, like also means “like”, “as”, “as the same as”.

In this case it is no longer a verb, but a preposition.

In fact, a preposition is a class of invariable words that link two elements of a sentence, subordinating the second to the first.

In turn, verbs indicating action, event or state are inflected according to person, tense, mood and voice.

So, these meanings apply to the project that aims to gather current, geographical, touristic and historical information about the island of Santa Catarina.

Floripa – The magic Island

Florianópolis, in addition to its 42 paradisiacal beaches, trails and secret spots, has stories to tell in years of existence.

An indigenous island full of rituals, inhabited by the Portuguese, disputed by the latter with the Spanish and even guarded pirate treasures.

In fact, rumour has it that the markings on the island’s rocks may have been taught by a Chinese sailor who passed this way.

Anyway, the idea is to be aware of the good things about our city, record them and capture them as information about our land.

And thus, to share these details with residents, visitors and tourists.

The logo

The majestic Hercílio Luz Bridge could not be missing in a project that aims to inform about the city.

But also to bring a little more of the history of the island, which goes far beyond beaches, trails and its greatest postcard.

On the far left of the image it is possible to see a watchtower representing the fortresses.

It was designed by José da Silva Paes, brigadier, military engineer and first governor of the captaincy of Santa Catarina in 1739.

According to news of the Federal University (UFSC) they were built by the Portuguese Crown to guard the entrance to Barra Norte da Ilha.

The works initiated the defensive system of the island, which was later expanded with dozens of other fortifications, such as forts, batteries and trenches.

You can learn more about the forts here: https://fortalezas.ufsc.br/.

Fortress watchtowers or sentry boxes, as they were called at the time.

They were used by the soldiers to watch over the surroundings of the fortresses.

They were also used to prevent possible invasions of the island.

O projeto Like Floripa coisas da cidade que são tipo, como Floripa e visa registrar tudo que aconteceu e acontece por Florianópolis!

Learn more about the barracks and military barracks of the Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa in the fifth episode of the virtual tour.

Promoted by the Technical Course in Tourist Guides of the Florianópolis-Continente Campus of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina (IFSC).

To finish our explanation about the Like Floripa portal…

One of these portholes is located exactly at the end of the Hercilio Luz bridge.

As artistically represented in the drawing.

In fact, the Forte Sant’Anna and Arms Museum, when it is not being renovated, often receives tourists and has a privileged view of the Hercílio Luz Bridge.

Besides the watchtower, the canyons and the sea. For more information, call (48) 3229-6263.

The analogy with the watchtower is that we will keep our eyes and records attentive to all the interesting things that happened and still happen on the island.

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